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In the summer, your air conditioner is the single most important appliance in your home, and you need it to be working properly. That’s why we offer fast, effective emergency AC repair in Austin, 24/7. Plus, we offer an 18-month repair warranty and a lifetime warranty on new AC systems.

Is Your Air Conditioner Broken?

While there are obvious signs your AC isn’t working, there are some subtle factors that can indicate your home HVAC system may be on its last leg. By getting air conditioner repairs or maintenance before it fully gives out, you may be able to save yourself from suffering through even an hour of unnecessary heat.

Some signs that you may need AC service, maintenance, or repair include:

  • Uneven cooling: If one room is cooler than others or is particularly warm, it could be an issue with your air ducts. We can check your system and provide air duct cleaning, if necessary.
  • Odd noises from AC unit: Every air conditioner will make some noise as it turns on and off, but if you notice new rattling, clanging, banging, or anything out of the ordinary, it’s a good sign you need HVAC repair or maintenance.
  • Air isn’t cool: When the air blows from your vents, is it cool? If it seems warmer than normal or is even blowing hot, the problem could range from dirty air filters to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.
  • Excess water dripping: Water dripping from your AC could indicate clogged condensate lines or leaking refrigerate, both of which can hinder your air conditioner’s performance and even cause water damage.
  • AC won’t turn on: If your AC won’t turn on after adjusting the thermostat and checking the circuit breaker, it may mean that your air conditioner fully gave out. While we’ll do our best to repair your AC, it could be time for new air conditioner installation.

Most of these signs point to a broken AC system, but we also service air-handlers, duct repair, and thermostat installation and programming. Basically, no matter what’s causing the problem, our expert service technicians can fix it. 

Air Conditioner Repair Basics

Our goal at Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning is to not only fix your AC, but also inform you of what went wrong in the first place. While the actual AC repair process can get complicated, our technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, we’re happy to be able to give you a basic rundown on a typical air conditioner: 

  • Evaporator: Cooling coils remove heat and humidity from the air using refrigerant
  • Blower: A blower or fan circulates air over the evaporator, dispersing the chilled air
  • Condenser: Hot coils release heat into the outside air
  • Compressor: A pump moves refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser to chill the indoor air
  • Fan: A fan blows air over the condenser to dissipate the heat outside
  • Filter: Located in the AC unit to remove particles from the air
  • Thermostat: Control system to regulate the amount of cool air being distributed

Air conditioners do a lot of hard work, and there are a lot of moving parts needed to take the hot air outside and make it cool air inside. If any of these parts are broken, malfunctioning, or need repair, it can throw your whole AC off. Proper and consistent AC maintenance can also help keep these parts working effectively without breaking down in the first place.

At Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of AC repairs, from home HVAC system repair to performing window AC maintenance. No matter what you need, our professional service technicians can help. 

What Is the Most Common AC Problem?

The most common air conditioning problems include:

  • Dirty or clogged air filters, restricting airflow and reducing system efficiency.
  • Refrigerant leaks lead to low refrigerant levels and diminished cooling capacity.
  • Thermostat issues, such as incorrect settings or malfunctions, affect proper cooling.
  • Dirty condenser or evaporator coils accumulate debris, hindering heat transfer.
  • Faulty compressor, responsible for circulating refrigerant, causing cooling inefficiency.
  • Electrical problems like faulty wiring, capacitors, or relays impacting AC unit function.
  • Frozen evaporator coils due to issues like restricted airflow or low refrigerant levels.
  • Blocked condensate drain line causing water backup and affecting performance.
  • Improperly sized AC unit struggling to cool the designated space adequately.
  • Lack of maintenance leads to various problems over time.

It's essential to promptly address AC issues to prevent further damage and ensure optimal performance. Consultation with a qualified HVAC technician is recommended for diagnosis and repairs.

Get in touch with one of our air conditioning specialists today to learn how we can help you!

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AC is Making Buzzing or Rattling Sounds

The cause of buzzing sounds can be more difficult to diagnose. Typically, if something is buzzing inside your air conditioner, it’s some loose part vibrating against something else, but it’s impossible to determine what part that may be without taking a look. The most common culprits are the outdoor fan motor, unbalanced fan blades or blowers, or even copper lines rubbing up against other components. 

Luckily, the majority of loose parts are easily fixed or replaced, so we’ll make sure your AC is back in working order in no time.

AC is Making Knocking or Banging Sounds

Similar to a buzzing sound, knocking or banging is usually an indication that something is loose, but it could also mean that a part has disconnected or broken off completely. 

If the banging is loud and sudden, turn off your AC to prevent any further damage from the loose part banging up against the other components. But don’t worry — we’re here 24/7 to help with AC repairs, so you won’t have to keep it off for too long.

AC is Making Popping Sounds

Most popping noises will start while your air conditioning unit is running, and, if it continues for a bit after your AC has stopped its cycle, it could be from the air blowing through your ducts rather than the unit itself. If that’s the case, there’s likely something in your air ducts that’s blocking the air. 

Over the course of the year, mold, pollen, dirt, dander, and other debris build up in your ducts, and the blockage can make your AC work much harder than it needs to — which you’ll notice in your electricity bill as well. Professional air duct cleaning is a quick, simple process to clear out your ducts and improve your home’s indoor air quality

Hearing Something Else? Give Us a Call!

It can be hard to describe sounds or determine if they’re out of the ordinary, but if you suspect something is off with your air conditioner, get in touch! Our AC experts are ready to work on any sort of problem, so you don’t need to have it figured out. 

Contact us for service to keep your air conditioning running smoothly.