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Austin’s well system is notorious for its hard water and high mineral content. Aside from affecting the taste and general quality of the water, the minerals can also build-up in your plumbing, appliances, and on your clean dishes.

Luckily, if you’re looking for cleaner water, you’ve come to the right place. Our service technicians are experts in installing the best filtration systems and water softeners, without harming the environment.

Need a water filtration system? We can install it in no time.

What’s In Your Water?

If you live in or near Austin, you likely access Austin’s city-wide water supply.

While the water is completely safe to drink, it does contain minerals from Lake Travis and the Lower Colorado River. You can see a full rundown of the water in Austin’s water quality reports, which track the levels of various contaminants and measure the overall cleanliness of the water in our taps.

Most notably, these reports measure the substances present in water, potential risks and benefits, and likely sources. For example:

  • Barium; can negatively affect the nervous and circulatory systems in large quantities; natural geology from water source
  • Copper; too much causes gastrointestinal distress and kidney disease; household plumbing or old pipes
  • Fluoride; prevents tooth decay and cavities at the recommended level; natural geology or added as a supplement
  • Nitrate; puts people at risk of nitrate-induced cardiovascular and lung disease; runoff from fertilizer, septic systems, or industrial waste
  • Cyanide; poisonous chemical that can be fatal in large doses; discharge from manufacturing and natural decay
  • Beta/photon emitters; certain emitters can harm internal organs at high levels; naturally occurring or man-made
  • Turbidity; the measure of overall clarity/cloudiness in water; any contamination

The CDC, EPA, and FDA collaborate to carefully monitor water quality and have defined limits of what’s safe to consume.

Basically, the minerals in your water won’t make you sick, but they may build up in appliances, like dishwashers and coffee makers, and in the overall plumbing infrastructure.

If enough minerals build up in your home or business’ plumbing, it can:

  • Result in inconsistent or low water pressure
  • Damage pipes and appliances
  • Clog in sinks, drains, and faucets
  • Leave a film on dishes and skin after washing
  • Reduce the lifespan of water heaters, ice makers, washers, and more

High-Quality Water Filters

Most homes and businesses only filter their drinking water once it’s out of the tap, but a single filter in a water pitcher can only do so much. In addition to causing more waste, these filters rarely get changed as often as needed. If you do remember to swap the filter as advertised, you’re slowly building up more cost every few months without the benefits of a full filtration system.

In addition to not needing salt-bags or even electricity, our eco-friendly EnviroSoft water filtration systems:

  • Provide water with no mineral taste
  • Remove minerals that damage plumbing
  • Filter water to remove residue on skin and dishes

Our goal is to provide clean, good-tasting water without needing maintenance or more thought than simply turning on your faucet. We also offer seasonal specials and interest-free financing, so every home can have the clean water it deserves.

Get in touch with one of our service technicians today for more information or to schedule your water filter installation.

Benefits of a Water Filtration System 

You probably know that the water in your home goes through a treatment plant before it reaches you. However, the treatment can’t clean everything. In addition, there’s still the possibility of that cleaner water getting contaminated on the way to your home. Even fluoride and chlorine, chemicals purposely added to the water for treatment, can be bad for your health. If you want to ensure your home’s water is pure, get a water filtration system. At Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we can tell you how purified water can help you and your home.

Here are some reasons to get a water filtration system:

Safer Drinking Water

The big draw of a water filtration system is having clean drinking water. Your home’s water may get treated by the plant, but not everything gets removed. Parasites, heavy metals, and water treatment chemicals can cause health problems over time. A water filtration system can help get these out of your water, keeping you healthier. In addition, purified water also tastes better.

Protect the Environment & Spend Less

People use a lot of water bottles, and only a small percentage of them are recycled. The rest often end up in landfills, where they’ll take 450 years to decompose. With a home filtration system, you can use less bottled water, saving money and the environment. If you have water bottles, you can fill them with filtered tap water and reuse them.

No More Hard Water

Just like a water softener, a water filtration system can get rid of hard water. Hard water and other contaminants can damage your various plumbing systems and water-using appliances. In addition, hard water can leave soap scum on your dishes, dry out your skin and hair, and make your clothes wear down quicker. Cleaning out your water can alleviate all these problems.

Prepare For Disaster

No one likes to think about it, but disaster can happen at any time. If a sewer line bursts near your home, it could contaminate your drinking water. However, if you have a filtration system, you can help protect your water from contaminants.

Why Choose Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning to Be My Plumber of Choice?

At Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning, our goal is to transform the public’s expectation of the service trades industry by providing exceptional customer service and superior craftsmanship. Our professionals are tough on problems that plague homeowners, but they’re courteous in their homes. We’ll treat you and your home with the respect it deserves and leaves you completely satisfied with our work. 

If you’re looking for a company to install a water filtration system in your home, call Daniel’s Plumbing & Air Conditioning at (512) 456-3570!

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