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  • Will I save money if I buy my own water heater?
    In the short-term, yes. Purchasing your own water heater can provide upfront cost-savings and when we install it, your water heater will be covered by our standard one-year labor warranty. We urge you to consider a water heater purchased through Daniel’s Austin in order to provide you long-term peace of mind and confidence that your water heater is going to be high quality and last for many years to come. We only stock water heaters we feel are high quality and we offer a manufacturer matched warranty on all water heaters.
  • Can you install my fixtures if I buy them from somewhere else?
    At Daniel’s Austin, we train our staff to be familiar with most plumbing fixtures available on the market as well as custom fixtures. We also stock most of the major brands in our warehouse. Yes, we can install fixtures you have purchased from somewhere else, and the installation will be covered by our standard one-year warranty. We recommend you consider purchasing fixtures through us, because not only will you receive a warranty on the installation, but the fixtures themselves will also come with a 3 year parts warranty. See our Warranties page for more information.
  • What kind of warranties do you offer?
    Visit our warranties page to learn more.
  • Can you fix the issue the same day?
    We fully stock our warehouse and vans, and in most cases our techs can come to complete the work in the same day. There may be exceptions if we need to order a part or if the call comes late in the day.
  • How much do you charge per hour?
    We calculate all of our pricing by the hour. A service expert will initially visit and provide you with a quote before beginning any work. Your final invoice will reflect the price you were given to begin with. That means you expect the work to take two hours and it actually takes six, then we will only charge you for the two hours in your quote.
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