Driftwood Gas Leak Detection Services

If you suspect that there’s a gas leak in your home, there’s no time to waste! Contact us at Daniel’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning so we can find your leak and fix it fast, before it becomes a major issue.

Anytime you suspect a gas leak, get everyone out of the building fast. Even if there’s not a leak, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Then, call our team specializing in gas leak detection in Driftwood, TX.

Signs of a Gas Leak

The main sign of a gas leak is a rotten egg smell in your home. This comes from sulfur and is added to natural gas so that leaks can be detected before they cause damage or harm. If you ever smell this in your house, it’s time to get leak detection services in there fast.

If your gas leak is very small, you might hear it before you smell it. Any sort of whistling or related sound coming from your gas lines can indicate a leak and needs to be checked out.

Finally, you might have a gas leak in Driftwood if your natural gas isn’t working as well as it usually does. If you don’t have the same amount of gas that you would usually have or you don’t have the functionality you usually have in gas appliances, it’s time to check for a leak.

Dangers of a Gas Leak in Driftwood

A natural gas leak can pose both a health and a safety hazard. If you inhale too much natural gas, you might begin to feel dizzy or otherwise ill. This is not very common, as most people smell natural gas before it gets to this point.

However, even a small gas leak can pose a fire hazard. Natural gas is very flammable. If it gets ignited somehow, it can cause an explosion or a fire in your home. Since natural gas often powers appliances that involve heat, like your water heater, it’s easier to ignite it than you might think.

Call for Gas Leak Detection Services Today

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, contact us about gas leak detection in Driftwood, TX today. We’ll get an expert to your home fast. We’ll evaluate your needs, then let you know what we find.

If our leak detection services find a leak, we’ll make sure that you and your family are safe. We’ll work with you to get the problem solved fast, so you can get back in your home and use it normally again soon! 

Stop worrying about a gas leak in Driftwood when you have the team from Daniel’s Plumbing and Air Conditioning working hard for you.

    “All their service reps were skilled, helpful and always happy to talk us through the fixing and installing process.” - Michael T.
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