What Not to Put Down Your Drains

There are many items you may be putting down your garbage disposal and drains that they cannot handle. Putting the wrong things down your drain can result in clogs, sewer backups, overflows, and other serious plumbing problems. Dealing with this can not only be disgusting but can also cost a lot of time and money. Instead of dedicating your time to cleaning up sewage, take a few minutes to educate yourself and your family on how to prevent these accidents from happening.

Avoid Washing or Flushing these Items down your Garbage Disposal, Drain, or Toilet

A garbage disposal’s main parts are the motor and the flywheel. The flywheel flings waste products against a shredder, this allows the waste to flush down the line easily. If your disposal is running slow or making a humming noise or is generally noisy, you could have a clog need a repair. Every room that has water has a drain. In other drains the waste is forced through the trap into the main drain and then into the waste line. Waste-water that is draining slowly or is unable to drain, is a clear sign of a clog. It’s important to be aware of what not to put down your disposal and drains, to avoid these problems.

There are three major items that are dangerous to put down your drains, fats, oils, and grease. These products are hard for your system to break down. With this in mind, there are easy ways you can avoid the problems associated with these materials. Wipe off tanning lotion before showering, use bath oil sparingly, and wipe any greasy pots, pans, and dishes before washing.

A good rule of thumb is thinking about food and garbage disposals, is that food that is not easy to chew, most likely should not be put down your drain or disposal.

  • Eggshells: these are hard to grind up and have a membrane inside that can get wrapped around the blades
  • Fruit pits and seeds: these can damage blades
  • Coffee grounds: these easily get stuck in the trap
  • Pasta: expands when it encounters water
  • Bones: (with the exception of fish bones)