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Indoor Air Quality in Austin: Do You Know What You’re Breathing?

We tend to blame our allergies on Austin’s pollen problem, but that same pollen may be circulating through the air in your own home– not to mention the mold and bacteria that trigger 1 in 4 people’s allergies.

In fact, indoor air can actually be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Air quality testing is the easiest way to determine exactly what’s in the air you’re breathing. But if you’re not sure, consider the last time you had to replace your vent filters. Unless those filters were pristine and clean, you already have a good idea of what’s in your air.

While the filters themselves can help block larger particles, the ducts are still carrying tiny bacteria, pollen, and other potentially harmful, allergenic particles.


Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Scheduling an indoor air quality evaluation is the simplest way to identify what you’re breathing in and in what quantities, which then allows you to find the best solution to clean your air. While regularly changing your air filters is a great start, the majority of contaminants often reside in the ducts themselves.

To assess your indoor air quality, we run a camera through your ducts to get a visual assessment of your HVAC system, checking for:

  • Leaks
  • Mildew
  • Mold growth
  • Dust
  • Damage
  • Rodent

Once our certified tech has generated a custom air report of your home or business, we can work with you to find & solve any issues identified. For instance, if the contaminants in your air are a build-up of particles in your building’s ducts, thorough air duct cleaning can help improve your home’s air quality.

Of course, air duct cleaning only works to clean out some of the debris in your ducts, but doesn’t always solve the problem itself. As long as there’s bacteria, mildew, and pollen outside your home, it’s easy for it to work its way into your air.

For truly clean air, you need something that doesn’t just stop contaminants, but instead works on a molecular level to fully sanitize and purify your air.

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Going Beyond Air Filtration with UV Air Purifiers

When we talk about air filtration, most of our clients think of the white air filters in your vents that you’re supposed to swap out every few months. While these filters are great at stopping things like dust and pollen, they’re not actually cleaning your air.

While the filter is holding on to all of your duct’s contaminants, the bacteria, mold, and germs are all alive and well. In fact, towards the end of an air filter’s lifespan, the air in your home is actually going through more toxins than it would without a filter holding it all in place.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should get rid of your filters altogether (unless you’d prefer to have all that dust on your countertops and floors). Instead, we recommend UV air purifiers for your home or business.

Residential UV air purifiers fit directly into your home’s ductwork with both a UV lamp and traditional air filter. The filter works to stop airborne particles and contaminants, while the ultraviolet light disinfects the air as it passes through to kill the germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms living in your air.

UV light air purification systems

  • Filter out airborne particulates like dust, dander, pollen, & mold spores
  • Kill up to 99% of bacteria, mold, & viruses
  • Reduce sneeze-spread germs by 99% in the time it takes the sneeze to spread three feet
  • Zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces
  • Provides air purification for your entire home
  • Integrates into existing HVAC systems for silent, effective air sanitation

How UV Light Air Purifiers Work

There are a wide variety of air purification and filtration systems on the market, but ultraviolet light air filters are the best at fully disinfecting your home’s air and preventing the spread of disease. So how does a little light do so much to sanitize your air?

UV light damages viruses, germs, and microbes at a cellular level to prevent them from reproducing or spreading. If the cells can’t reproduce, they can’t cause infections or spread across your home. All of the air in your home has to pass through this UV light, which means that it’s almost instantly disinfected before it ever leaves your home’s ducts.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, like bleach or chlorine, there’s no risk of accidentally contaminating your home with negative side-effects or fumes. UV light is perfectly safe to disinfect your air, water, and your home’s surfaces without the risk of contamination.

There’s no smell, no chemicals, and still no germs.

If you’re ready for truly clean, fresh air, get in touch today for your new home UV light purification and filtration system, and check our seasonal specials and financing options to get the best deal in Austin!

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