Save Money this Summer with these 7 Ways to Maximize AC Efficiency

As temperatures rise, every home in Austin starts seeing their bills rise too. But instead of letting your home become a sauna to save some cash this summer, there might be a simpler solution. Try these 10 tips to keep your AC running smoothly!

1. Don’t Let Cool Air Escape

Your conditioned air can easily escape outside when windows and doors are open. If you need to prop open a door while grilling or keep a window open, make sure your AC is off or it’ll be fighting a losing battle with the summer heat. 

Check for air leaks under your door and around your windows when they’re closed as well. Even a small amount of air coming in or out can make a big difference in your electric bill! If you notice air flow, consider investing in some weather strips to stop the flow of air.

2. Program Your Thermostat

If you can, program your thermostat to different temperatures throughout the day and night. That way the air conditioner doesn’t run more than it needs to, but you can also enjoy the cool air when you want it. Plus, constantly fiddling with the temperature can be inefficient and wind up making your AC work much harder than it needs to. If you need help programming your thermostat or want to upgrade models, give us a call!

3. Shade Your Condenser

Your condenser is the big unit in your backyard that most people think of when we say “air conditioner.” It does the hard work of actually conditioning the air going into your home, so providing a little bit of shade can make it significantly easier for it to do its job. Your air conditioner is already working hard with the hot Austin air, no need to make it work against the sun too!

4. Keep the Air Flowing Around Your Condenser

We won’t bore you with the details of every part of your air conditioner (at least not in this article), but your condenser is really the hero of the unit. It sucks in the hot, outside air and cools it down before blowing it into your home. If it’s surrounded by plants, outdoor decor, or anything else that could obstruct the air flow, it’s going to have to use a lot more energy to pull air in. Try to keep any objects at least two feet away from the AC unit. Maximum airflow means maximum efficiency, which means less money down the drain!

5. Don’t Forget About Your Filters

Continuing with air flow, the next stop is your filters. The more dust, debris, and clutter your filters sift out of your air, the more clogged they become. If they’re not swapped out regularly, they can block the airflow and put more strain on your AC system. Same thing with regular duct cleaning– while it doesn’t need to happen as frequently as changing your air filters, duct cleaning is a great way to ensure that your AC isn’t working harder than it has to.

6. Keep Your Blinds & Curtains Closed

Simple blinds and curtains can do wonders to keep the heat out of your home. While you don’t have to keep them shut all day every day, it’s a good idea to close them whenever direct sunlight is shining in– usually in the morning or evening, depending on the direction your windows face. Once the sun moves out of direct view, you’re free to open them back up again and enjoy the day!

7. Get AC Maintenance Before it Gets too Hot

There are a lot of moving parts in your air conditioner, and, just like a car, it’s important to get regular check ups on the core systems. If you get an AC tune up in the spring or early summer months, you can make sure your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency for the whole season. Plus, if there are any parts that need to be fixed or are on their last legs, our AC contractors can find & fix them before they cause more damage to the actual unit. 

If something does go wrong, call us for emergency AC repair. We’re available 24/7, which means that you won’t have to suffer in the heat for long!