How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

If you’ve been concerned about your indoor air quality (aka IAQ), contact us at Daniel’s Austin today. We can perform indoor air quality testing so you can know exactly where your residential indoor air quality stands. Then we can help you find the solutions you need so you can breathe clean air at home again.

Consider the following steps if you want to feel more secure about your indoor air quality today. 

technician at work on air filter

Change Your Air Filters

Change the filters in your HVAC system so they can more effectively filter out particles in your air that you don’t want to breathe in. You can also change filters in your dryer, your kitchen vents, and even your vacuum cleaner to help improve your indoor air quality. 

Vacuum and Dust Frequently

No matter what you do, some particles will end up in your home. After all, you have to open the door to get outside! These will eventually settle on your floor or furniture. Vacuum and dust regularly to gather these and get rid of them, so they don’t get blown around your house any more. 

Consider an Air Purifier

You can buy a whole-home air purifier or one that works in a particular room. Either way, these devices remove dust and other substances from your air, improving your IAQ and helping you breathe clean air at home again. 

Clean Your Ducts

If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in a year or more, bring in our professionals to remove dust and debris from them. We’ll use high-powered vacuum technology to get your ducts as clean as possible!

Seal Your Ducts

Sealing your ducts takes duct cleaning one step further. If you believe that your residential indoor air quality is negatively affected by holes or cracks in your ducts that let dust and other debris into your home, duct sealing will take care of the problem. Get rid of all those small holes and cracks and breathe cleaner air soon. 

Try New House Plants

Many plans can pull contaminants out of your air so you don’t have to breathe them any more. Spider plants, indoor palms, ferns, and lilies are all examples of plants that can improve your indoor air quality. It might take them some time to work, but they are a foolproof backup plan when it comes to IAQ.

Call us at Daniel’s Austin today to get help improving your indoor air quality. We can perform indoor air quality testing, then let you know what we find and how we can help you eliminate air contaminants ASAP.